Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions you might have about Forever Chess Games.

What am I seeing?

The posters show a graphical representation of a chess game! Each line follows the move of a chess piece during the match, and color changes if moves are from white or black.

Where can I buy this?

When you finish editing a design (custom or famous game) you will get the link to the page where you can buy a wide range of products made with your masterpiece on, or just purchase the image.

Can I upload my own games?

Sure! In the main page you can choose from a sample PGN or add your own by copy pasting the PGN info! You can also visit our famous games where you will find a selection of games we think you might like.

How does this work?

In the main page you can add your own PGN or use a sample one. In the following page you can change the board to use the colors that you prefer. Finally you can change the fonts, letter sizes and colours for the information shown in the poster. Then you will get a link to purhcase products with your image on them.

How do I download a custom PGN?

If you use you can check this page that explains it! If you use, go to the game, open the analysis board and then scroll to the bottom. There you will find a menu saying "FEN & PGN", click that and click "Download raw". The file that you download is ready to be opened and copy-pasted in the webpage.

How do I open a PGN file?

The great thing about this format is that you don't need any special computer program to open it! Programs like the notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) can open this type of files. Once opened, you can copy paste the content into the page.

How do I edit the title?

The title will be set by the row [Event]. So if you want to change the title feel free to change that field in the PGN (make sure that every change that you do is inside quotation marks, or the format will not be correct!).

How do I edit the player names?

The names for the players are extracted by the fields [White] and [Black], and will have the ELO score if the fields [WhiteElo] and [BlackElo] are present (if you don't want the score then simply delete the two Elo fields from the file).

How do I edit the date and place?

The date comes from the [Date] field, you can change to whatever format you prefer, or even delete it. To change the place you can edit the [Site] information.

What do you mean by "edit the PGN field"?

PGNs have a defined format. If in a row it says [Event "World Championship"] then the poster will show the title as "World Championship". What we mean by edit is that you can change what's inside the quotation marks, to make the poster show, for example, "My Greatest Game" if you change the PGN to [Event "My Greatest Game"].

Why did you do this?

We created this webpage to share our passion and love for chess. We both like to play chess and decided to create this type of visualisations to let people turn their games into a masterpiece, because we think that chess can be something beautiful and that some games should be remembered forever!

Can I share my own designs?

Yes! You can always share what you did using the link in the search bar. You can also find some useful buttons to share your work into other pages.

What does the logo mean?

The logo shows the first 3 moves that white plays in the scholar's mate: e4, Bc4 and Qh5. Little detail left there for people to spot!

I'm using mobile, can I still use this?

You certainly can! The size of your screen is not comparable to the final output though. It's also very difficult to use your phone if you are editing in landscape mode, as your phone screen is just not wide enough. The final image may look slightly different that on a very small screen like a phone however you will be able to see a preview before purchasing any products. For best results, try and use a large screen to view whilst editing.